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We deliver world-class mobile apps
using React Native

Why React Native Hire us

Our Services

With the mobile app as the epicenter, we also create the fundamental parts of its ecosystem: APIs, Websites and Admin sites.
Your cutting-edge mobile applications alongside modern web apps with the latest web technologies.

Quick MVP

We help you define the scope of your minimum viable product. Then, we build it and ship it in less than 30 days for a fixed price. Ideal for seed stage startups.

Engineering Team

We partner with your product team and join your project as your Engineering Team, working side by side on an hourly basis. Ideal for big ventures and startups.

Technology Building

You know exactly what to build and are looking for dev muscle. We estimate time and budget and charge you a fixed price. Specially for small/short-lived projects.

Training & Leading

A tailor-made workshop to get your tech team into React Native. Plus, we can guide them to achieve your product goals. Suitable for any kind of teams and companies

We're React Native experts ready to build your app, lead your team, train your devs

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Guiding a team from 0 to app in 30 days

We trained and led a superb group of engineers with no experience in mobile applications, helping them to sort out complexity and get an app in the stores within a month

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A multi-branded app for top radio stations

Underneath the delicious creativity of the people behind, we provided the engineering muscle to create a set of media applications to enhance the audience experience

Check the full story @

Open Source & Community

An essential part of what we do and who we are. Advocates of React Native in Latin America.
We learn from the community and love to share what we know.

Open Projects
We've open-sourced some libraries and components and contribute to a lot more
on a regular-basis

Meetups & Events
We’ve spoken in several events
and we’re strongly involved with the local community around React
We've imparted the first spanish-speaking
React Native course at Platzi and designed
the mobile dev course at Coderhouse
  • “The Underscope team provides reliable work with radical transparency and excellent communication. They are a great team with a seamless workflow who have figured out the delicate art of building a remote team who does not feel remote”
    Laura Seach - Creative Director, IB5k
  • “They did one of the best courses we have,
    showing both professionalism and good teaching skills”
    Sacha Lifszyc - Course Manager,
  • “Underscope has been providing us commitment,
    solid technical background and proactivity to anticipate needs and issues. They have served a key role towards making all our delivery happen”
    Jerónimo Costa - Head of Engineering,
  • “The Underscope team not only provides a great technical strength, they are also a flexible team, very responsible and that adds value in each interaction.
    They accompanied us in order to build our first native app, achieving a product of great quality”
    Joaquín Paz Marchese - Project Delivery Manager, Taringa!

Using React Native is a smart decision, both technologically and business-wise

  • High Quality Apps

    Forget about those hybrid frameworks that increase developer productivity at the expense of the user experience.

    No fake UI components. No WebViews. No disposable MVPs. You'll get solid native Android and iOS apps. Period.

  • More Productivity

    "Learn Once, Write Everywhere", is the motto behind React. Can you imagine having an engineer coding a web app one day and dropping lines for the mobile app the next?
    This will definitely change the way teams work. No more Android, iOS and Web silos. Teams can be built around features to provide a seamless user experience across devices.

    Plus, you'll get the developer experience of the web: JavaScript, Flexbox, faster feedback cycle and instant updates by-passing the app stores, among other benefits.

  • Cost Optimization

    Up to 90% code reuse between Android and iOS. Meaning less development time, faster time-to-market, easier to maintain and reduced costs.

    Need to write something super platform-specific? No worries, you can even code Java and Objective-C easily.

  • Trusted Technology

    React & React Native have one of the largest and active communities ever, open-sourced and backed by Facebook, with improvements and new releases every month.

    Components, libraries and even articles are published and updated every day, making it easier to find what you need or fix a problem you're facing.

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